🌿 From TickerKnits #5 : PULLOVER 👉🏼 ‘GREEN IS GOOD’

🌿 From TickerKnits #5 : SCARF 👉🏼 all things GREEN to eat

🌿 From TickerKnits #5 : WRAP 👉🏼 The Chlorophyll Wrap

🌿 From TickerKnits #5 : HAT 👉🏼 ‘EAT YOUR PEAS’


🌿 From TickerKnits #5 : COWL 👉🏼 ‘EAT FOOD, NOT TOO MUCH, MOSTLY PLANTS’ (author: Michael Pollan)

❄️ From TickerKnits booklet #4 SNOW……WAITING for SNOW pullover…

❄️ From TickerKnits booklet #4 SNOW…..FALLING SNOW scarf….with a ‘white-out’ ending….

❄️ From TickerKnits booklet #4 SNOW…..SNOW FLAKE KISSES reversible cap

❄️ From TickerKnits booklet #4 SNOW……GOT IT! & LOOK OUT! mittens

❄️ From TickerKnits booklet #4 SNOW….the SNOW COWL…you’ve heard that Eskimos has dozens of names for snow? There are also lots of slang expressions in the USA, across the country for snow…my favorite: SNIRT = SNOW + DIRT

❄️ From TickerKnits booklet #4 SNOW….the SNOW head band

👭Make-New-Friends pullover....a ditty sung in-the-round at Girl Scout camps summers...

🛏 The ZZZ pillow.....'close your eyes - nighty, night - out like a light - sleep tight' 

🙏🏼 'Now I lay me down to sleep'......recited nightly in childhood....

🙏🏼 'This Too Shall Pass' - a very useful phrase, best expressed wistfully.

🙏🏼 The word 'AMEN' is used frequently, but I never knew what it meant until I looked it up : 'so be it'

🙏🏼 The Serenity Prayer & One-Day-at-a-Time cowls......best worn together #pileiton 

😻The LOTS-TO-SAY bolster pillow....do you know your acronyms?.....the pillow  form used for this bolster can be readily ordered from Amazon. It's firm - just perfect to display your knitting, but especially for MOM (Magnificence Of Magnificence) because she probably deserves it. RTR (Rush-To-Ravelry) to purchase knitting pattern.

😺 YOLO pullover /  TK#2 booklet = IMHO (in-my-humble-opinion)

😺 YOLO hat  / TK#2 booklet = IMHO (in-my-humble-opinion) 

😺 IAS (it's-always something) pullover / TK#2 booklet = IMHO (in-my-humble-opinion)

😺 IAS (it's-always something) cowl / TK#2 booklet = IMHO (in-my-humble-opinion)

😺 TLC (tender-loving-care) scarf  /  TK#2 booklet = IMHO (in-my-humble-opinion)

😺 IAS (it's-always something) hat  /  TK#2 booklet = IMHO (in-my-humble-opinion)

😺  I pledge allegiannce to the flag, and to the country for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.
      The Pledge cowl 🇺🇸 a special 2017 inaugural edition - pattern is available on ravelry.com

😺 "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."
          🇺🇸  Delivered by President John F, Kennedy on his inaugural day, January 20,  1961
           Kennedy wasn't wearing a coat or hat in freezing weather as he spoke of beginnings and ends, war and peace,
           disease and poverty.....Ask Not cowl knitting pattern can be purchased on ravelry.com.

😺 'United We Stand'  hat 🇺🇸 special 2017 inaugural hat pattern can be purchased on ravelry.com

😺 COWL : Good/bad or naughty/nice - you be the judge....Santa Claus is coming to town!
🎅🏻 Naughty-Nice cowl pattern can be purchased on ravelry.com 🎄Happy Holiday Knitting !

😺  HAT : HO*HO*HO ......Santa Claus 🎅🏻 is coming to town...."he knows when you've been good or bad so be good for goodness sake"....
      The hat pattern can be purchased on ravelry.com 🎄Happy Holiday Knitting